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As a small business owner you carefully monitor your cash flow and revenue, but are you as diligent in your retirement planning? A survey of self-employed Americans released by TD Ameritrade Holdings found forty percent(40%) of the self-employed are NOT saving regularly for retirement. Over one-quarter(28%) are not saving at all. Most striking, 29% of Generation X (born between 1965-1976) and 32% of Generation Y (born 1977-1989) do not save for retirement. Where do these entrepreneurs expect the money in retirement to come from?   Savings (59%), IRA’s (38%), profits from their business(19%) , and the sale of their business(14%).

Source:   This online survey was conducted in October 2013 of 2,014 adults.

Tumblr and DeviantArt have the youngest audience among the social media networks, while LinkedIn and Classmates have the oldest. Facebook with its enormous reach is now reflecting the median age of the U.S. population(36.8 years). LinkedIn is currently experiencing an influx of high school and college students creating profiles to help them navigate the world of work. Data from comScore Media Metrix reveals the average age for these social media networks—-

30.3    DeviantArt

33.9    Tumblr

36.4    Goodreads

37.1     Twitter

39.7     Facebook

40       Pinterest

42.1     Yahoo

43.2    LinkedIn

51.6    Classmates

This survey was conducted in May 2103 by comScore Media Metrix, and Internet technology company that monitors audience participation and advertising  on the web.





It costs five to nine times more money to attract a new customer than to retain a current customer.  Stay connected with our customers by phone, emails, blogs or newsletters.  They are GOLD.


Source:   Rhonda Abrams, President of PlanningShop

A recent survey conducted by CorvisaCloud, an online media company of 1,109 adults found  customers DO react to a bad customer service experience.  The findings——


34%    Complain to a manager

16%     Share the experience with family and friends

13%     Never shop with the company again

12%     Give the company another shot

10%     Nothing, shrug their shoulders and move on

4%       Talk about it on social media

Launchpad LI has now opened a new business start-up incubator on 315 Main Street in Huntington village. The 8,500 square feet of space will offer desk and offices for start-ups to rent.  To learn more visit

Stony Brook University has been selected as a tax-free zone for Start-up New York , a program where expanding companies pay no state  or local taxes up to ten years if they locate on campus and create jobs.  To be eligible for these tax breaks companies must be new to New York State, a recent graduate from a state recognized business incubator, or an existing business that is starting a new operation.  Stony Brook will reserve 172,000 square feet for office and lab space.  Learn more at


Whether you are creating a business plan, starting a business, or growing a business, a mentor can provide the expertise and guidance that can help you succeed.  Small businesses can search for mentors on, a free program offered by the nonprofit Mercy Corps.  Mentors primarily help small business owners in fiancé, marketing, and general operations.  It’s easy to connect with over 5,300 mentors by going to

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