Small Business is our Business

A recent survey conducted by Accountemps, a staffing service for temporary accounting, finance, and bookkeeping professionals, found fifty-nine percent (59%) of employees reported working for a micromanger at some point in their careers.  This constant meddling in the minutiae of everyday work has a negative impact on most workers. Of those surveyed , sixty-eight (68%) said it decreased their morale and fifty-five percent (55%) said it hurt their productivity. Do yourself and your employees a favor.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and trust your team.

IntelliResponse, a supplier of virtual technology, polled 1,000 adults online to find out what kind of relationship they wanted from  companies they bought goods and services from.  Fifty-nine percent (59%) wanted an efficient , transactional relationship, while twenty-four percent (24%) preferred personalized service with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Where do these consumers go for product/service advice?

*Company Website             68%

*Social Media                      10%

*To the Store                       10%

*Pick up the Phone to call    6%

*Mobile App                          4%

A study recently released by the Pew Internet Research Project found that Baby Boomers and Seniors are increasingly using the Internet.  Some key findings from the study include:

*53% of Americans 65+ use the internet. Of that 53%,  seventy percent (70%) use it on a daily basis.

*Baby Boomers (47-65 years) spend 27 hours weekly on the Internet

*27.4 million adults 55+ engage in social networking

* One in three seniors use social media.

R-E-S-P-E-CT.   Aretha Franklin got it right.  A 2015 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management found seventy-two percent (72%) of employees rank “respectful treatment of all employees at all levels” to be the most important factor in job satisfaction.  Other factors include:   trust between employees and senior management(64%), benefits (63%), pay (61%), and job security (59%).  Six hundred human resource managers responded nationwide.

The Kaufman Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to entrepreneurship and education, conducted a study of women entrepreneurs.  These women owned businesses number 8 million and account for 16% of all U.S. firms.  A  profile reveals—

*The average age is 44.8

*38% had previous start-up experience

*10% have a high school education or less

*41% have some college

*29% have a college degree

*19% have a postgraduate degree

*20% own a business with $100,000+ in revenue, three years after starting

*2% own a business with 1 million+ in revenue

 *The average start-up financing was $71,484 for the business

Only 51% of small businesses have a website according to statistics provided by SCORE,  Those that do have a website are  not built for success—–

*27% do not provide a telephone number

*68% do not have an email address on the home page

*82% do not  have social media accounts

*93% are not mobile compatible

A webpage is critical for success.  An incredible 97% of consumers search online for products/services. More importantly, 91% have visited a store because of an online experience. Four out of five consumers have used a smartphone to shop. Get connected.

A  2015  Citibank survey of small business owners found ownership has these perks—–

*Being your own boss                             79%

*Independence                                        77%

*Making strategic decisions                     77%

*Close relationships with customers        73%

This was a multiple response survey.

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