Small Business is our Business

The Kaufman Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to entrepreneurship and education, conducted a study of women entrepreneurs.  These women owned businesses number 8 million and account for 16% of all U.S. firms.  A  profile reveals—

*The average age is 44.8

*38% had previous start-up experience

*10% have a high school education or less

*41% have some college

*29% have a college degree

*19% have a postgraduate degree

*20% own a business with $100,000+ in revenue, three years after starting

*2% own a business with 1 million+ in revenue

 *The average start-up financing was $71,484 for the business

Only 51% of small businesses have a website according to statistics provided by SCORE,  Those that do have a website are  not built for success—–

*27% do not provide a telephone number

*68% do not have an email address on the home page

*82% do not  have social media accounts

*93% are not mobile compatible

A webpage is critical for success.  An incredible 97% of consumers search online for products/services. More importantly, 91% have visited a store because of an online experience. Four out of five consumers have used a smartphone to shop. Get connected.

A  2015  Citibank survey of small business owners found ownership has these perks—–

*Being your own boss                             79%

*Independence                                        77%

*Making strategic decisions                     77%

*Close relationships with customers        73%

This was a multiple response survey.

A recent survey of 250 senior managers in the U.S. and Canada by Robert Half, an international finance and accounting firm, found checking email during meetings got a VERY mixed response from these executives.

*38%  It’s NEVER OK. Email devices should be turned off at the meeting

*35%   It’s OK to read and respond to messages during the meeting BUT only if the message is urgent

*20%   It’s OK to check messages as long as attendees excuse themselves and step outside of the meeting to respond

*6%  It’s perfectly acceptable to read and respond to email, especially at a time when what is being said doesn’t pertain to them

1%    Don’t know

Nassau and Suffolk counties ranked among the top ten  (out of 62 New York counties) in personal income in 2013.   This data is compiled annually by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

#1.  Manhattan          $121,632

#2.  Westchester       $80,363

#3.  Nassau               $72,549

#4. Putnam                $58,955

#5. Suffolk                  $56,940

#6. Rockland              $56,657

#7. Albany                  $53,515

#8. Saratoga              $51,878

#9. Staten Island        $51,328

#10. Dutchess            $49,627

A recent survey from Wallet Hub , a financial website for consumers and small business owners,finds that middle class New Yorkers are among the most taxed in the country. The ten states where the middle class (40-60% income quintile) are most over taxed include—-

#1. Arkansas

#2  New York

#3  Hawaii

#4 Mississippi

#5 Kentucky

#6 Indiana

#7 Illinois

#8 Ohio

#9 Wisconsin

#10 Louisiana

A recent survey conducted by BMO Harris Bank of 601 business owners found these traits most desirable for small business owners to succeed—–

*Thinking outside the box              26%

*Calm under pressure                   14%

*Able to bounce back                     12%

*Obsessed with details                   11%

*Workaholic                                    10%

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