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Maria Bartiromo, host of CNBC’s, The Closing Bell”, has written a timely book in an attempt to re-define the meaning of success.  In The Ten Laws of Enduring Success, she uses the financial meltdown of 2007-2009 as the reference point   to argue Americans are re-evaluating where their personal achievements really lie.  What are the intangibles you can’t   measure or count? How do you remain “successful” when the worst economic and personal hardships strike?  She includes interviews from many successful people in history, business, sports, entertainment, and politics.

The 10 laws of enduring success include:

*Self Knowledge—   A strong sense of abilities and aspirations

*Vision—Create a blueprint for where you would like to take your life

*Initiative A commitment to act

*Courage—Be bold, smart, and fair

*Integrity—Do  the right thing

*Adaptability—  The ability to change and find new opportunities.

*Humility— You are not the center of the universe. Have self-confidence and humility at the same time.  That combination is called MATURITY.

*Endurance—–Pave the road with incremental wins.

*Purpose —–What do you REALLY want to do?  What knocks your socks off?

*Resilience—–Survive and bounce back stronger than ever


This book is available at the library


The Ten Laws of Enduring Success

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