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How do you turn contacts and acquaintances into lifelong partners and valuable assets? Focusing on a concept called relationship capital, Ed Wallace, author of Business Relationships That Last, outlines five steps to transform these relationships into a source of leads, advice, and revenue.

A recent survey reveals 88% of executives view the strength of customer relationships as the primary reason their companies achieve revenue goals annually.

What are the five steps?

*Establish a personal and business common ground with your clients. You want your clients to believe in you.  Let them know your intent, competence, values, ideas, and professional standing.  Be credible.

*Display integrity.  With integrity comes trust. Be honest, factual and always meet commitments.  If a problem arises, confront it immediately and inform your client.

*Use your client’s time wisely. In planning a meeting—-think POP.  POP is an acronym for purpose(what and why), outcomes(takeaways), and process(the meeting agenda).

*Become a respected advisor.  Offer assistance with the client’s best interests in mind.

*Ask for help. Be courageous to admit you do not have all the answers.   By saying  “I don’t know” you can open the door for  discussion and possible solution.

Included  are exercises and easy to follow instructions to develop your own plan of action.

This book is available in the library.

Wallace, Ed

Business Relationships That Last: Five Steps that Transform Contacts into High Performing Relationships.

650.13   WAL  (DH)


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