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Business travelers have plenty of gripes.  It appears  air travelers today have no respect for fellow passengers.  As one flight attendant so succinctly puts it, “It’s all about me.” A recent survey conducted by USA Today found these grievances most prevalent—

*People who think the the “turn-off -all-electronics”  message  is NOT for them

*Passengers who carry on offensive smelling food

*Disrespect for the flight crew and gate attendants

*People who play music so loudly, you can hear it 3 seats away

*Parents who do not try to control their children’s behavior

*Reclining a seat in a tight coach cabin

*Carrying on bags that can’t possibly fit into the overhead bin


Cash Flow & Women Business Owners

A survey conducted by PNC Financial Services Group, one of the country’s largest  diversified financial service organizations,  found  women business owners use on average 2.7 sources of money to fund their businesses.  The top five sources are:

*Business Credit Card  (59%)

*Personal/Family Savings  (44%)

*Line-of-credit from a financial institution  (38%)

*Personal credit card  (34%)

*Business loan from a financial institution  (26%)

This survey was conducted in July 2011.

Small Business Websites are Easy Targets for Hackers

No wonder cybercrime is so easy.

Panda Security, a leading provider of computer security solutions, recently conducted  a survey of 10,000  global companies.  The results were startling. Forty-six percent of U.S. small business sites have been victimized by cybercrime.  The reason hackers target small business websites include:

*13% operate with NO security  systems in place

*23% have no anti-spyware

*36% use FREE consumer security applications

*31% operate without anti-spam

*15% have no firewall


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