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Tis the season for the holiday party.  Just a quick career reminder.  It is not too wise to get carried away with the egg nog  and HO HO HO  at the workplace party.  A recent poll conducted by Monster, the international job boards operator,  asked the following question of  3,699 visitors to their website, “Have you ever done something regrettable at an office party—-for example , consumed too much alcohol or spoken offensively to a colleague or superior?” The results:

*Extremely regrettable: I’ve been fired for office party behavior   4%

*Somewhat  regrettable : I’ve damaged my career/reputation    3%

*Mildly  regrettable: I’ve been embarrassed for a few days    10%

*No regrets: I’ve misbehaved , but with no ill effects    14%

*I’ve never done anything  regrettable at an office party   69%

Normal workplace etiquette and rules still apply. Look at the holiday party as an opportunity to  network and socialize  with those you do not normally come into contact with.


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