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Three out of four Austin, Texas employees enjoy their jobs. That is alot of happy employees. A recent survey conducted by Regus PLC, a flexible workplace provider, attributes this to workplace flexibility. Simple measures such as allowing staff to manage their workday, shortening commute times, or enabling employees to work from other locations, leads to happier more motivated and productive workers. Other cities with very happy workers are:

Austin  75%

Portland  73%

Chicago  70%

Houston  68%

Denver 68%

U.S. Average  64%



Twenty-eight percent(28%) of U.S. small business owners plan to increase their company’s capital spending over the next 12 months.  This is the highest level since January 2008.  Why the optimism?  Small businees owners believe obtaining credit has become easier and will continue to ease.

This telephine survey of 600 small business owners  was conducted in January 2012 by the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index.




Watch out for customers who receive bad service from your organization. The Second Annual Tipping Point Survey, conducted by Clickfox Inc., found  customers react to bad service by—-

*Telling friends & family  (52%)

*Asking  to speak to a manager  (51%)

*Cease doing business with the company  (35%)

*Submitting  negative survey feedback  (27%)

*Posting  comments on social media /customer review sites(16%)

*Writing  a complaint to the company  (13%)

The five worst industries  in regard to customer service are

1. Telecom and wireless companies

2.Cable companies

3. Health Care

4. Insurance

5. Banks

Clickfox is a  market research company that analyzes web traffic.

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