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Thirty-seven percent of companies use social networks to research potential job candidates. In Februiary 2012 Harris Interactive conducted  an online survey of 2,300 human resource personnel for CareerBuilder.  Of the employers who do not research job candidates on these websites, fifteen percent(15%) said their company prohibits the practice.  Eleven percent(11%) responded they do not currently use social networks to screen potential job candidates, but plan to start.

What are human resource personnel looking for on social media websites?

*To see if the candidate presents a professional image—–               65%

*To see if the candidate is a good fit for the company’s culture–      51%

*To learn about the candidate’s qualifications —————–           45%

*To see if the candidate is well-rounded——————-                    35%

*To look for a reason NOT to hire candidate———————-          12%

Is social media helping or hurting job candidates?

Thirty-four percent(34%) of human resource personnel have found information that has caused them NOT to hire a candidate. Reasons for not hiring a candidate include—–

*Candidate posted inappropriate photos——49%

*There was info about candidate drinking or using drugs—–45%

*Candidate had poor communication skills—–35%

*Candidate bad mouthed previous employer——-33%

*Candidate made discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion, etc.       28%

*Candidate lied about qualifications—–22%

Employers are primarily using Facebook(65%), LinkedIn(63%), and T witter(16%) to research job candidates.

If nothing else, this survey reiterates the importance of being VERY mindful of your online persona.

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