Small Business is our Business

Metropolitan areas that have the highest share of workers 16 and older  who worked from home in 2010——


Boulder, CO                           10.9%

Medford, OR                          8.4%

Santa Fe ,NM                          8.3%

Kingston,  NY                           8.1%

Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA     7.9%

Mankato, MN                           7.7%

Prescott, AZ                             7.6%

St. Cloud, MN                         7.6%

Athens, GA                              7.5%

Austin, TX                               7.3%

Almost one-half of home based workers are self-employed.  About 25% of those working from home were in the business and financial fields.  Mondays and Fridays were the most popular days to work from home.    People who worked exclusively from home earned more than those who worked outside the home.  The median household income was $74,000  compared with $65,000 for on-site workers.

Source:    Census Bureau “s 2010 American Community Survey.







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