Small Business is our Business

Starting a new business is tough in any economic environment.  According to the latest 2012 Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, these ten states saw the greatest start-up activity.

#1.  Arizona          Low business & property taxes, and a highly educated workforce.

#2.  Texas              No personal or corporate taxs with reasonable labor and housing costs

#3.  California      A surprise, but start-ups are attracted

#4.  Colorado        Business owners are welcomed with state funded programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners

#5.  Alaska            No state income tax and no sales tax. The best business start-ups are restaurants and seasonal boutiques catering to tourists

#6.  Missouri        Low taxes and cheap electricity

#7. Nevada            No business income tax, no estate or franchise tax.  Low income taxes

#8.  Vermont        An extensive venture capital network for start-ups.  A highly skilled workforce

#9.  Idaho              Overall low-cost of living and low electricity costs

#10.  Florida         Small businesses make up 75% of state’s GDP.  No personal income tax.  Relaxed regulatory restriction  and reduced  business taxes


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