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THERE IS NO ESCAPE.  Americans are hooked on social media. Twitters in the loo transcend all ages. Nearly one-third(32%) of those aged 18-24 connect with Facebook  and Twitter in the bathroom. Twenty-eight of those aged 25-34 are bathroom social networkers , as are 15% aged 35-44.  Both sexes are equally likely to use social networks in the loo. 

How much time do Americans spend monthly on social networks?  Women spend 18 hours 20 minutes per month, and men 13 hours monthly.  The heaviest users   are those 18-24 who spend more than 21 hours using  social networks monthly. By gender and device—–

Gender                      Time on PCs                       Time on Mobile Devices            

Men                             6 hours 13 minutes                6 hours 44 minutes                          

Women                       8 hours  37 minutes               9 hours 43 minutes                        

This survey was conducted by Nielson Research of  200,000 internet users .


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