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The Hispanic population on Long Island is more diverse than those in other parts of the country. The latest U.S. Census (2010) finds Salvadorians, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans comprise the largest Hispanic groups in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Over the past twenty years the Honduran and Guatemalan populations grew the fastest.

Long Island Hispanics  (2010)

Salvadorans            99,495

Puerto Ricans         88,514

Dominicans             41,967

Columbians              27,103

Ecuadoreans             26,877

Long Island  Median Household Income  (2010)

All Hispanics                    $78,126

Mexicans                           $78,766

Puerto Ricans                   $83,218

Cubans                               $92,104

Dominicans                       $76,787

Central Americans           $71,416

South Americans             $82,749

Non-Hispanic Whites     $97,403









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