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Tips for Generating Leads from Facebook

A 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report conducted by HubSpot , an inbound marketing software company, found fifty-two percent (52%) of all marketers generate leads from Facebook.  How can you?

*Use photos—–photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more likes than the other posts.  Include a link in the photo caption back to your website.

*Host a Facebook chat—– bring fans together to discuss a topic of interest.

*Host a webinar.  Create a Facebook event with a separate registration page on your website.

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Patent & Trademark Resorce Center @ the Smithtown Library

The Smithtown Library is a Patent & Trademark Resource Center  that is part of a nationwide library network maintained by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). As part of this network, the Smithtown Library offers these services :

*Free access to patent and trademark documents

*Access to the PubWest database for patent searching

*Resources for historical patent research

*Access to the Official Gazette

*USPTO trained staff to help with basic guidance on patent or trademark applications

An appointment is recommended .  Call the Reference Department at 631-360-2480  X128 to make an appointment.


Seventeen million Americans identify themselves as self-employed——-up 10% from 2011. Generation Xers  (aged 34-49) comprise 36% of the self-employed—– the greatest percentage of any age group. Thirty-three (33%) are baby boomers (aged 50-67), 20% are millennials  (aged 21-34),  and 11% are matures (aged 68 and older).  This number is expected to reach 24 million by 2018.    This anticipated increase is due to several factors.  Companies are increasingly comfortable outsourcing work to freelancers and consultants, while   individuals are choosing more  flexibility and control in  their work life.  This survey was sponsored  by MBO Partners, a billing and tax firm for  the independently employed.


Thirty-six percent (36%) of millennials (18-31 years old) were living with the folks in 2012——-21.6 million.   This is the largest number in four decades.

A demographic profile includes:

*56% are aged 18-24

*16% are aged 25-31

*40% are male

*32% are female

*40% are high school grads or less

*43% have some college

*18% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher

Source: U.S. Census.  Current Population Report , 2012

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