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Americans use their smartphones ANYWHERE—-NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE.  The “Smartphone Secrets” survey of 1,152 Americans 18 and over found—-

*PLACES OF WORSHIP—– 48% of smartphone owners confess using their devices in a place of worship

*IN THE BEDROOM—–77% of smartphone owners openly use their phones while in bed with someone else

*ON A DATE——–28% while on a date with a significant other

*IN THE BATHROOM—– 75% use in public restrooms

Other social behaviors are also revealed.  Thirty-five percent (35%) of smartphone users admit to using their devices to avoid talking to someone.  Thirty-three percent (33%)use their smartphones to appear busy while alone in a restaurant or bar.  Nearly one-half (48%) rely on their devices to take funny or shocking photos, while 36% take “selfies”.  Anytime or anyplace for smartphones.


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