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Millennials spend 18 hours daily viewing  all types of media.   Thirty percent (30%)  of that time is spent viewing USER- GENERATED CONTENT.  Millennials connect with social media on a daily basis above all other forms of media.  Seventy-one percent  (71%) connect with social media platforms daily, while 60% watch TV, 53% listen to the radio, and 49% email or text.  According to the survey, millennials trust information garnered from user-generated  the most.  A look at media trustworthiness reveals——

Product/brand  conversations with family or friends                           74%

Peer reviews                                                                                                            68%

Social networking platforms                                                                             50%

Blogs, bulletin boards,forums                                                                         48%

Product info from a company website                                                         49%

Print magazines or newspapers                                                                      44%

Radio                                                                                                                         37%

Television                                                                                                               34%


When it comes to making a purchase decision, fifty-three percent (53%) rely on user-generated content, 44% rely on traditional media, and 23% banner ads.

This survey was conducted by Crowtap, an online marketing research company in 2014.



Marketers at 300 U.S.companies increased their mobile advertising budgets by 142% from 2011 to 2013.  A 2013 survey conducted for the Interactive Advertising Bureau found one-third (33%) of these companies allocated more than $300,000 to mobile advertising , compared to seven percent (7%) in 2011. More importantly, seventy percent (70%) of these companies predict their mobile advertising dollars will grow significantly over the next two years as U.S.  Smartphone and tablet users increase.  Marketers deliver their mobile  ads in various forms. Seventy percent (70%) use mobile website ads,   forty-nine percent (49%) use banners, and forty-one percent (41%) use mobile messaging.  The  Interactive Advertising Bureau is composed of  600 media and technology companies that are responsible for selling 86% of all online advertising in the U.S.




Small business owners are moving advertising dollars to social media outlets, according to a 2014 survey conducted by the SCORE Association.


YEAR                                            U.S. Small Business Social Media Advertising Dollars


2011                                                                          $3.8 billion

2012                                                                          $4.8 billion

2013                                                                          $5.9 billion

2014                                                                          $ 7.0 billion

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