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Millennials spend 18 hours daily viewing  all types of media.   Thirty percent (30%)  of that time is spent viewing USER- GENERATED CONTENT.  Millennials connect with social media on a daily basis above all other forms of media.  Seventy-one percent  (71%) connect with social media platforms daily, while 60% watch TV, 53% listen to the radio, and 49% email or text.  According to the survey, millennials trust information garnered from user-generated  the most.  A look at media trustworthiness reveals——

Product/brand  conversations with family or friends                           74%

Peer reviews                                                                                                            68%

Social networking platforms                                                                             50%

Blogs, bulletin boards,forums                                                                         48%

Product info from a company website                                                         49%

Print magazines or newspapers                                                                      44%

Radio                                                                                                                         37%

Television                                                                                                               34%


When it comes to making a purchase decision, fifty-three percent (53%) rely on user-generated content, 44% rely on traditional media, and 23% banner ads.

This survey was conducted by Crowtap, an online marketing research company in 2014.



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