Small Business is our Business

The Wall Street Journal on November 25, 2014 had an interesting list of  “Best Books For Investors” by Jason Zweig.  His premise was to compile a list that has stood the test of time and will remain pertinent for future investors.  A few from the list that are available at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library include:


*Lowenstein, Roger.  Buffet:  The Making of an American Capitalist

*Schroeder, Alice.  The Snowball:  Warren Buffet and the Business of Life.


*Bogle,  John C.   Common Sense on Mutual Funds

*Graham, Benjamin.  The Intelligent Investor

*Huff, Darrell.   How to Lie With Statistics

*Kindleberger, Charles P.  Manias, Panics, and Crashes

*Schwed, Fred.   Where Are the Customer’s Yachts?

*Malkiel, Burton G.  A Random Walk Down Wall Street

*Kahneman, Daniel.  Thinking, Fast and Slow

*Bernsteinm Peter.  Against the Gods:  The Remarkable Story of Risk



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