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Millennials and the Job Interview

Don’t be surprised during an interview with an 18-24 year old if they exhibit inappropriate behavior. An 2013 Adecco survey of 500 hiring managers across a range of industries found that they need to brush up on interview techniques and etiquette. The biggest mistakes noted—–

*Inappropriate attire 50%
*Being Late or at the wrong date 44%
*Overly aggressive about job expectations 36%
*Lack of eye contact 33%
*Checking phone/texting 30%
*Fidgeting 26%


Majority of American Workers Disengaged At Work

A Gallup poll of 150,000 American adults found over one-half (52%) were not enthusiastic  or emotionally invested in their work, while  eighteen percent(18%) were actively disengaged.  Only thirty percent (30%)  are engaged at work.  This does not bode well for the country’s economic situation.  Details from the poll include—–

*52% of all workers were not “engaged” on the job

*48% of workers with a high school diploma were not engaged on the job

*55% of college graduates were not engaged on their job

*Americans across all levels of education were most likely  to be engaged at work if they held a managerial position.


College educated workers are more likely to work from home than nearly any other group.  Having a bachelor’s degree is the quickest route to a workday at home.  Data from the U.S. Census Bureau finds the number of at-home workers rose from 9.2 million in 1997 to 13.4 million in 2010.  Self -employed workers are nearly three times more likely to work at home than those on salary.

Percentage of workers 25 or older who worked at home on an average day in 2012

Less than a high school diploma           5.4%

High School Graduate                             12.7%

Some college                                             21%

Bachelor’s degree & higher                    38.4%

AVERAGE                                                  23.2%


Source:    U.S. Bureau of Census

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