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Companies Offering Flexible Working Benefits

U.S. companies that offer flexible working benefits—-

Casual dress day (one day per week) 60%
Telecommuting 58%
Flex time 53%
Mealtime flex 37%
Compressed work week 35%
Telecommuting on a full-time basis 20%
Shift flexibility 19%
Job sharing 10%
Alternating location arrangements 4%

This 2013 survey was conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) of 4,000 randomly selected SHRM members.


Companies Waiting Longer to Get Paid

Private companies in all industry segments are waiting an average of 40.3 days to receive payment——that is three days longer than last year’s average wait. Businesses want to hold on to their cash as long as possible.

This survey was conducted by Sageworks, a source of industry data for privately held companies in the construction, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale industries.

Small Business Owners Wear Many Hats

As a small business owner with many responsibilities, what is your favorite task?


Working with customers/ customer service       45%

Sales & marketing                                                    31%

Managing my team                                                  17%

Financial management  (payroll, taxes)                6%

Human Resources (interviewing ,hiring)                2%

A 2013 survey of 2,536 small business owners  conducted by J2 Global Mid-Year , an internet service provider.




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